Jennifer Hessmer Certified Personal Trainer
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In the days following my second marathon; a race at which I landed myself on a sidewalk and then in an ambulance at mile 22, I knew I needed some serious intervention. I knew how to run and how to train for a marathon; but what sidelined me - quite literally; was my lack of nutritional knowledge - this is where Jen came to my rescue. And rescue me, she did. I was a nutritional basket case with a major fondness for gumdrops and had gotten myself to a certain state of sugar toxicity - a state in which I wouldn't be doing much more long distance running with much success. This is where Jen and her magic holistic approach come in. And that's just the thing: her magic is the holistic approach. She works with you as a whole person. She doesn't just hand you a menu or a list of foods and say "eat this". She does not come up with any sort of "diet" plan. It is absolutely a team effort and about so much more than food. Jen is a veritable font of the most amazing information & shares it at just the right moment. She has all the pieces to the puzzle and works with you to put the puzzle together. And when she sends you off into the big wide world to fend for yourself, she sends you off with a gift: that of knowledge, a better understanding of your body and mind and why things work the way they do; she gives you the tools to stay on the right nutritional track. The new knowledge permeates every aspect of my life now - I have a new understanding of so many things and it is all thanks to Jen.
- Suzanne W.
Jen is a great trainer and became a friend over the 2 years I spent with her. She is a good resource for any question and has a realistic approach to health and fitness. I worked with her during my entire pregnancy and bounced back quicker that I ever thought possible. Her workouts are always interesting and she was always aware of my mood, energy level and general attitude and would tailor my workouts accordingly. I hold Jen in the highest regard and highly recommend her to anyone looking to get in shape, or to get into better shape than you thought possible.
- Erin W.
I started training with Jennifer 4 months after my third daughter was born. 2-1/2 years later, I have never been stronger or more physically fit in my life. She is currently training me for The New York City Marathon. Jennifer pushes me to my physical limits and sets goals that I never imagined I could have ever possibly achieved. Jennifer is not only an amazing trainer but she has become my life coach and good friend as well.
- Debbie S.
Jennifer is innovative as she varies the routine, and she is reliable. I ran a marathon with her leadership!
- Lois W.
Jennifer is a gifted personal trainer. Not just because she's helping me get in shape physically, which she is, but because she understands just how critical the mind/body connection is to truly being "in shape." She understood what my needs/weaknesses/attitudes were almost immediately and helped me set and achieve realistic goals. Most critically for me, she isn't a gym rat or a workout freakazoid. She's a total human being who happens to excel at getting people in shape. It's more like having a tough friend who won't make you feel bad when you break your diet or "forget" to workout, but will put you back up on the stationary bike and immediately get you back on track. She's not into dwelling on the mistakes or wallowing with you in the fourteen cupcakes you had at your niece's birthday party. She's an incredibly positive force. And yes, she'll speed up the treadmill when I least expect it or ask for more reps than I think I can do, but somehow, amazingly, she knows my breaking point and keeps me coming back for more. I would whole-heartedly recommend Jennifer to anyone, in shape or out, young or old, novice or experienced.
- Josh B.
Jen understood that my goal was to have nice "tank top worthy arms" without looking like a body builder. She also understood that work, social endeavors and life in general sometimes got in the way of the workouts I intended to do between our sessions - she *usually* didn't make me feel guilty about this; rather, she'd work to make our weekly sessions even more productive and efficient!
- Kristin H.
I first met Jennifer when I joined the Equinox gym two years ago. My goal was to lose weight and become more fit. Jennifer helped me achieve those goals and more. She had me lifting heavier weights than I ever imagined and she got me running on the treadmill at faster speeds than I ever thought I could do. She has taught me about nutrition and about finding ways to exercise when a gym is not available. I look forward to my sessions with her each week.
- Elizabeth W.
I have trained with Jennifer for about two years. We have continually tailored my fitness program to include everything from post-partum shape up to training for a race. Throughout this time, Jennifer provided a challenging and meaningful workout whether I was at my peak fitness or recovering from an injury. She is sensitive, caring and fun and really knows what works best for her clients and their personal fitness challenges. I highly recommend her!
- Cheryl B.
Let me just say first off, that I do not like to work out. I hardly eat spicy foods for fear of breaking a sweat. Unfortunately, I'm one of the many that has to work out. It's either that or being comfortable wearing mumus for the rest of my life. It never became more important for me to exercise until after I had given birth. At a certain point I just couldn't ignore the fact that I was indeed fat. I wasn't slim to begin with, but it seemed as though someone had switched my pre-maternity clothes with Kate Moss'.

A friend of mine told me about the trainer she had been seeing for a while. I figured I'd give it a shot, though I wasn't optimistic. I have had several trainers over the years. All them highly credentialed and in fantastic shape failed to do anything but my pocketbook slimmer.

From the first session I realized that Jennifer was a true gem. I felt like Oprah and Madonna must feel. Here's a person that understands how your body works and what to do to achieve the results you desire. Jennifer pushes you, but miraculously knows just how far. You might wake up sore, but you'll still be able to walk down the street without looking like Frankenstein.

One of the more amazing things about Jennifer is how she was able to conjure up my inner jock. I have never been an athlete and if I were my jersey would read "Spaz." Slowly, Jennifer started me running. Something I have always feared but admired in others. Now I can take off to the park when I have thirty minutes to spare and get a tremendous workout and be able to indulge in a slice of cake or margarita.

The best and most important thing to know about Jennifer is that she is a fantastic person. She always comes to a session with a smile on her face and a good story to tell. She's like one of those storied old bartenders that sit patiently as you talk about your latest woes or triumphs and can still count off how many more lunges you have to do.
- Lissy K.