Jennifer Hessmer Certified Personal Trainer
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Have you discovered the link between what you eat and your overall health and mood? Would you like to learn more about:
Have you been wanting to:
As your Health Counselor, Jennifer will help you navigate through the mixed messages regarding nutrition, health, diets and food. Jennifer will be your personal advocate for living an energized and passionate life. Whatever your concerns are, Jennifer's job is to help you find which food and lifestyle choices will work best for you and the life you desire. When diet changes, everything changes. What you eat literally becomes your cells, blood, tissues, organs and even your thoughts.

After completing this Confidential Health History Form (PDF file), Jennifer will conduct a 30-45 minute interview either in person or on the phone and start you on a new path to a healthier you. Can one conversation change your life?

Your Personalized Program: The goals of your personalized health counseling program are to radically improve your life, resolve concerns specific to you and your body, and to provide you with tools for a lifetime of balance.

Your program will include:
We will cover the following:
Let's set up a consultation. Now is the time:

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