Jennifer Hessmer Certified Personal Trainer
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running classes

Do you find yourself going out for the same 2-4 mile run, at the same pace, but wish you could feel faster and go longer? Do you set the treadmill at one speed and then get bored before you accomplish your goal?

Please join our running classes and Jennifer will help you over those hurdles. You will love the camaraderie of a running group to reach your goals of running faster, stronger and longer. Jennifer will lead you through interval and speed workouts, hill repeats, tempo runs and long training runs for your specific goals.

WHEN: Wednesdays @ 8:30am: Running Specific: Interval Work and Hill Repeats

Fridays @ 9:00am: Running with total body conditioning workout. Push-ups, Pull-ups, Dips, Step-Ups, Lunges, TRX, jump rope.

Starting Wednesday April 2nd through Friday, June 13th
No class Friday April 18th and Friday May 23rd
WHERE: Wednesdays: Engineerís Gate, 90th and 5th Avenue (at the Reservoir Entrance)
Fridays: Basketball Courts: NE CORNER OF GREAT LAWN - 84TH Street
WHY: To get in better shape, lose weight or weight maintenance, receive support from a coach and other runners and/or train for a race.
COST: $400 for 16 weeks of running specific class only (Wednesdays)
$500 for 16 weeks of running and bootcamp classes (both Wednesday and Friday)
$40/class if paying for individual classes
Cash or check to Jennifer Hessmer
RSVP: Jennifer Hessmer @ 917-721-0486 or

The class will be held rain/snow or shine. If it is thundering or lightning within 30 minutes of the scheduled class time, I will cancel the class. Otherwise, we will run in the rain. Any Questions? Feel free to contact Jennifer.

Participate, Donít Just Spectate.

Jennifer Hessmer – RRCA Certified Running Coach, USA Track and Field Certified, Level 1, ACE Certified Personal Trainer